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Overlay 72X72 - Gold (Glitz sequin Square)

Gold sequin overlay; gold overlays

Overlay 72X72 - Silver (Glitz sequin Square)

Silver sequin overlay

Overlay 90X90 - Black (Glitz sequin Square)

Black glitz overlay; black sequin overlay

Overlay 90X90 - Blush (Glitz sequin Square)

90" blush sequin overlay. Blush sequins. This size is floor length on a 30-32" round table.

Overlay 90X90 - Champagne (Glitz sequin Square)

Champagne glitz overlay; champagne sequin overlay

Runner 12X108 - Black (Glitz sequin C)

Black sequin runner; black glitz runner; sequins runners

Runner 12X108 - Blush (Glitz sequin )

Blush sequin runner; Blush sequins runner

Table Cloth 108 - Gold (Glitz Sequin Round)

Gold sequin tablecloth; gold glitz tablecloth; sequin linens

Table Cloth 108 - Silver (Glitz sequin Round)

Silver sequin tablecloth; Silver glitz linens; sequin linens

Table Cloth 120 - Black (Glitz sequin Round)

Black glitz tablecloth; black sequins linens

Table Cloth 120 - Blush (Glitz sequin Round)

120" Blush sequin tablecloth. The sparkle on this linen is stunning. Show off your cake; use it for your sweetheart table; sign in; cocktail tables. Rose gold sequin linens

Table Cloth 120 - Champagne (Glitz sequin round)

Champagne glitz sequin tablecloth; champagne sequins linen

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