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Charger Plate (Glass Beaded) - Gold

Clear glass beaded charger - gold beaded chargers | Gold glass beaded charger; glass beaded chargers; gold glass beaded charger plates; gold chargers; gold charger plates; clear chargers; clear charger plates; glass chargers; glass charger plates

Candelabra (Metal) 24" - Silver

Silver 24" candelabra with crystal hanging jewels. Can be set up with 5 crackled glass candle holders OR with a flower bowl in the center. Vintage, classic, romantic decor. Silver candelabras (see also 14" silver candelabra; flowers NOT included)

Wine Barrel - Natural

Wine barrels / Whiskey barrels - each rents for $50 | 37" tall - top measures 22" wide | Rental rate does NOT include delivery nor pick up.

Marquee (Love) LG - Distressed

Large Rustic LOVE marquee sign - perfect accent for THE perfect wedding day. Needs outlet. 21"tall, aprox 4.5 wide. Each letter is 6" thick.