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How to use the Wish List

No online orders accepted

Linens and Events does not allow orders to be completed online.  Before an order can be completed we must check our stock to ensure the items and quantity you are requesting are available for your rental period. Additionally, if you would like to request delivery, setup, teardown and late night pick up then we must manually add these to your order.


Building a Wish List, request a final quote and pay online

We encourage our customers to browser our website and build a wish list.  As you browse our website you will see the the "Add to Wish List" button on each product page. Please email your wishist list to [email protected]. You may also CC: [email protected]


  • Click the "Add to Wish List" button on the product page

     Wish List Icon

  • When you are done adding items to your Wish List visit your "My Wish List" page

  • When you are done call us or click the "Email a Friend" button and send your request to "[email protected]"and we will provide a final quote for you to review.

  • Once you review and accept the final quote, you can pay online.


Create an Account so that you don't lose your Wish List

As an annoymous guest, you are able to create a wishlist.  However, if you change to a different computer or switch between your computer and phone your wishlist will not be available.  Also, Guest wishlists get cleared after a period of time.

We encourage you create an account with us.  If you have an account, we will save your Wish List permenantly until you manually delete it.  

Additionally, if you have an account it will expedite providing you with a final quote and the payment process because your account information is already in our system.