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Tables & Vintage Rentals

  • Tables / Half moon table / Cocktail tables
  • Wine barrel Rentals
  • Misc Decor / Furniture
  • Vintage Rentals - Victorian sofa, Victorian settee, Victorian style chairs
  • Antique Buffet Rentals
  • Drawers / Shelves
  • Vintage Windows
  • Shabby chic chairs / bench
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Decor (Galvanized table) - Aluminum

Galvanized table; galvanized stand; sign in table; furniture

Decor (Metal wagon) - Distressed

Metal wagon - use it for entry / ceremony decor

Door (Distressed brown tabletop) 79X28 - Brown

Brown distressed table top

Door (Fenceboard tabletop) - Brown

Fenceboard table top

Drawer (Ornate wood) Small - Ivory

Small ivory ornate drawer; ivory drawers

Drawer (wood) - Brown

Brown drawer; brown drawers

Drawer (wood) long - Brown

Long narrow brown drawer; brown drawers; catalog drawer

Drawer (wood) Small - Ivory

Small ivory drawers; cabinet drawers

Furniture (Adele telephone chair) - Brown

Adele telephone chair, gossip chair (30" wide, 27.5" tall, 15.5" deep)

Furniture (Burke sofa) - Ivory

Burke wingback sofa, couch, settee, chaise, lounge furniture, vintage furniture rentals (6' wide)

Furniture (Burke wingback HER chair) - Ivory

Burke wingback chair - HER chair, groom's chair, vintage furniture rentals

Furniture (Burke wingback HIS chair) - Ivory

Burke wingback chair - HIS chair, groom's chair, vintage furniture rentals

Furniture (Claire side table) - Brown

Claire side table - antique round table. (29" tall, 26" wide)